Monday, October 25, 2010

Glowing Eyes for Female Worgen

I think if the female worgen had glowing eyes they would instantly be ten times better (though their squarebutts would still need fixing). I'm seriously wondering what their reason behind the males' and females' eyes being different is... and for some reason I can't post on the beta forums. Hmph.

Here's some quick photoshop work I did to give the females glowing eyes. Which do you think is better? Poll below!

Which female worgen looks better?


  1. Didn't their eyes use to be glowing, but they changed them because people said they were too creepy?

  2. Yes, an earlier version had glowing eyes, but I don't think it was really the issue with why they looked creepy... I think it was more to do with the face and eye structure, which has since changed.

    Besides, the males have glowing eyes, and they don't look creepy. They just look awesome. :)